Artvark and Pulse

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Music and dance; inextricably linked. Both driven by the same Pulse.
This new theatre performance is a collaboration born of Artvark Saxophone Quartet and breakdance DJ/VJ Collective 155 (one-five-five). One would say a logical step for music and dance. Yet in this program they knock down walls, barriers and conventions. In this collaboration between producer and percussionist Frank Wienk (a.k.a. BinkBeats, Kyteman, slagwerk Den Haag) and Artvark, a repertoire is created in which saxophones distort and band members themselves will apply different structures and attributes, in order to get dancers moving in this spontaneous sonic landscape.

In ‘Pulse’ Artvark is reaching out for the limits of the saxophone and tackles new sounds whenever the ‘pulse’ calls.

155 is a young and extremely energetic dance group with a shared passion for forms of movement, music, bizarre humour and art. They originate from breakdance group iLL Skill Squad from Wageningen and have developed a dance collective that creates provocative performances in which dance, video and comedy are combined in a unique and fresh way.

They made their smashing debut in the theatre world with a performance called ‘155’, created under the wings of DOX. At Lowlands Festival they ‘rocked the house’ in the crowded Julie Hall. They were championed a ‘revelation’ at the prestigious Young Hearts Festival and were invited to play at Dutch Dance Days. And to top it off 155 was awarded with the first André Gingras Award!

After they made the first leap from the cardboard box to the theatre floor and their first collaboration with live musicians, 155 is now embarking on a journey with four musicians. This will stretch them far beyond their comfort zone as never before. In addition they will have to mix Frank’s music with their experience as a DJ collective during the performance.

Just like Artvark 155 is hard to compartmentalise and that is why they will in this performance again demonstrate their infinite capacity to surprise: not only as a visual complement, but also they will merge into one collective ‘pulse’ with Artvark through sound.

Frank Wienk is a classically trained percussionist and member of ‘Slagwerk Den Haag’. Due to his passion for hip hop and electronic music, he played in Kyteman’s Orchestra and is currently enjoying huge success with his ‘one man show’ BinkBeats. He is a master in combining acoustic instruments with electronics. Frank can change the sound of a wooden rod into a fat beat and make a sax float like an electronic carpet. Together with Artvark he will compose the music for this performance. Energetic, surprising and sincere.