listen closer to the score

As a composer I hear more than once people liked the movie but didn’t really pay attention to the music. That’s a good thing! But…. I would like to give you the chance to take a closer listen at the score!

This is some music I wrote for “Under The Apple Tree” a animated horror comedy golden calf awarded movie made by the great Erik van Schaaik. In this music I tried to combine opposites like gentleness & cold blooded murder, beauty & filthiness and more like that.

bei mir bist du schön takes place in a small living room, so the music is more intimate. I choose acoustic instruments to give a warm and intimate feeling.

voltaire is an insecure weathercock, living on an insignificant
countryside chapel. One night after being blasted off by a
lightning strike, he takes a chance on moving to a beautiful,
faraway cathedral. But he’s not the only one there…

for the little kids I composed the music for an animation series called picnic with cake. it was so much fun making the main theme in such a wide variety of music styles! Here is the main theme in just a few of those styles: