Scapino Meets The New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra

PremiΓ¨re β€’π‘π’π­πž π‡πžπ«πž, π‘π’π­πž 𝐍𝐨𝐰‒ Thursday 27 May,

A collaboration of @NewRotterdamJazzOrchestra, @LantarenVenster and @scapinoballetrotterdam . NRJO’s Romain Bly: β€œThe gathering was like a ritual in which art was created spontaneously, in a flow and in one place by musicians, dancers and technicians together. It is important to us that the meeting took place specifically in Rotterdam, because this city is our home. Each of us has experienced so many magical moments in Rotterdam and this was another one.”.

β€˜Rite Here, Rite Now’ will be streamed live on Thursday May 27, followed by a Q&A. Afterwards, the performance is also available on demand.

πŸ“Thursday 27 May | 20:30h
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